Sometimes, a guy just has to fish a bit; my week, a report and pics...

... and thankfully the week's not over yet!

Haven't posted much lately, due in large part to not having fished much I suppose. Was planning on a 3 day trip to Forks this weekend, but alas, family needs necessitated me to take a pass. Which is fine, as family always comes first. But sometimes, you just need to get out on the water a bit, so I took a much needed week off of work, allowing me to fish in the mornings while still being home each evening with the wife and kids. Thus, my morning forrays require some proximity to home, but luckily I have started to learn a few spots in the sound. I've only been here for a little over 9 months now, yet am constantly amazed at the variety, quality and breadth of angling opportunities here in WA.

Anyway, hit a few beaches. Saw some seals absolutely torpedo some fish in the shallows. Watched a gull eat my fly, and gazed at several jellyfish as big as my garbage can lid.

Caught lots of these...

and these...

My boot finally gave out (just picked up a killer pair of Simms Riverteks from Puget Sound to replace...)

Got my first and second ones of these (on my 5wt at that!)

And got my largest SRC to date this morning as well.

All-in-all, a nice week of morning fishing. Thought I'd share, as always, great site, great state. Hope you all are getting out some as well!

Great report as always, Dan! Confession: I've lived my whole life in wa, and have yet to catch or fish for src. They're gorgeous fish, and I'm sure if I was ever on that side of the state(haven't even been to the wet side in a decade), I'd spend most of my fishing days hunting those over steelhead or salmon.
I'll amend that:

I can see from the regs that there are some areas where you are allowed to keep chum (I think). I just figured the areas where you would most likely encounter them would be closed to keeping chum.
Not being a jerk at all. I actually took the pic after I beached it landing the thing. Released it, I wasn't actually sure it was a chum (shows you what I know...) Got one more a little bigger, and a small king (really small, around 20" or so...)

I had to text a pic to Joe and Anil to confirm it was a chum, talk about a newbie...

Thanks all. Can't tell you what a relief and break it is to get out on the water for a few hours. Saw some pretty impressive fish today as well. Gonna try a new spot tomorrow morning, specifically for coho, so we shall see!

Oh, and btw, the two chum salmon crushed me on my 5wt, I came away impressed! Having said that...

I have been SUPER lucky so far, way more luck than my skills would allow... gotten a few salmon off of beaches already. One king about 12bs, a few silvers, and now 2 chums. But I really, really like the searun cutts above all. I just think they are the ideal fly rod quarry. They are willing, don't take a whole lot of fly selection, yet are scrappy, beautiful species, and are consistent. Given one WA species to fish for to the exclusion of all others (if forced) I'd choose the SRC.
For future ID, chum are usually easy to spot by the vertical bars on their sides. They can be faint on the bright fish but usually visible. Dead giveaway. Good report! I really need to spend some more time chasing SRC. Most of the local spots I know of seem to just be filled with the little guys.
Oh Great, feed my affliction. I have been dealing with fishing suppression for weeks now. And you come along with such nice fish porn. Seriously, great report and nice looking fish. I am not a salt
fly rod fisher but I need to get out and work that arm with my 5 wt.
Maybe today if it rains, I can chuck the honey dews and go.....

I have fished in the rain before. Haha.