Summer's over for me! Let the fall season begin.


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Last weekend my local reservoir was 71 according to the FBuddy, this weekend after the first frost of the year (3500 ft.) it's down to 64 degrees. The problem with the fall season is that next years fish, stocked at 4 -5 inches in June are now 8 to 10 and will hit almost anything that the problem is finding the larger fish. The other thing is that we had a very dry year over here and this reservoir is mostly dirt now and still dropping. We lost the best fishery and some others are down to 3% according to ODFW. Last week I found nice fish in 10 to 15 feet of water right on the bottom. This weekend I found a group of them in the back bay in 2 to 6 feet of water!

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I agree, let the fall season begin!

Off to north central WA next week for a cast & blast. The off to the Methow for the next leg. Who knows after that but there is usually a cold ass November trip - lots of firewood and 'anti-freeze" .

I love fishing bugs off an indicator in that shallow water- you can watch the fish go after the fly. White buggers are great.

Hope your fall season is a good one!



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Yep, your region will be a ghost-town for trout next year Jeff!

It will be a good year to do a lot of on the water research in central Oregon. will be looking for buddies to spend time at Crane and East and a couple others (Davis-Paulina) next spring from May through the end of July so will be bugging you to come on a trip!

I really need to look into and create myself a good white (cream) bugger-streamer pattern. although I do not use many leaches or buggers except big ones for speed trolling there's a heck of a lot more big lake browns in central Oregon I will be chasing next spring and even this next month since I'm working on a combo East - Wickiup trip for OCT. before the central lakes close. Great reports right now on big bows and browns at Wickiup with it's low water making them very easy to find in the Deschutes arm! Best year for East in probably a decade or longer and should be even better next year!

Now if I can just drag myself away from Chinook gear fishing! drano lyle 003.jpg



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Beautiful fish Mark, all the fish I caught Friday would fit in that one! I tied some little white flies based on your bloody mary I'm going to try below an indicator on my flats this morning. We'll see if they take it dead drift....most of the time in Pilcher I get hits indicator fishing when I retrieve the fly for the next cast, so I put the slime line on and catch fish!


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Update! Went out to my bay today to indicator fish after halftime of the Seahawks game. Back home at the start of the Sunday night game with maybe 15 to hand on the indicator in 2-3 feet of water. Great practice, a lot of them would barely move the the indicator. No big fish, but a lot of nice ones and the 2nd brook trout of the season out of this reservoir.....they must move down out of the creek.


This time of year is the only time that I turn my attention to salmon, steelhead and SRC. So, the pontoon boat is put aside and the wading books are put to use.

However, when I had more time to fish and more guys to fish with, this time of year was fantastic for stillwaters. Mann Lake, Chick, East turned on in the past during warm Fall days and I was fortunate enough to be there when the fishing was great.

With the price of fuel as it is and as I'm limited to using a gas hog for fishing, nowadays I need to pick my battles well. Because salmon,steelhead and SRC are only available for a short period of time and the Stillwater fish are always there, I now lean more toward the sea-traveling critters.

But boy-howdy, we've had some good times on stillswater during September and October in the past.


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Mark, to hear that East is fishing so well almost brings tears to my eyes. When I lived down in the Vancouver area I used to go almost every year. I would stay in touch with the private campground there and go over in the fall the week before they closed. Having electricity in the 5th wheel made the chilly fall nights much more bearable for my bride and a nice place for me as well after a day in a float tube.

I have fished it in the spring when there were still icebergs on the lake and in the fall when it snowed so hard everyone had to evacuate. No matter the time, it is always cool fishing in a volcano and the variety and numbers of fish always made the drive worthwhile.

Nowadays I am at least 10 hours away and won't be going back but for you guys that haven't been yet it should be on your bucket list. Go in the fall after the first snow hits the high peaks, the leaves have turned and the brookies are in all their glory. You won't regret it.

I am sooooo ready for Fall. Although I have enjoyed the great summer we had. The lakes were very warm here on the Island and I am hoping they cool off quickly now and the fish have survived their months of living in a hot tub. East Lake sounds interesting.


East is quite interesting this time of year. The kokanee attempt to spawn in the shallows. The browns and bows are wise to this fact. A few years ago a friend and I went up to East in October and the place was empty accept for hunters camping at the camp grounds. I think we were the only guys on the lake.

We couldn't keep the browns and bows off a small, orange egg pattern below a dry fly indicator... some would hit the indicator pattern.

It was one of those fish on every cast affairs.

However, fishing East in October is dicey at best. You never know when the weather is going turn very cold very quickly. If you luck out and end up fishing it on a warm day, hang onto your hat!!

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