video - Tying off ribbing (and other materials)


Indi "Ira" Jones
All these years of tying, and I have always tied it off forward. Weird how easy it is to get stuck on something like that.
Who wooda thunk it. I too, have always tied to the front. Not any more. I just wish my wraps of wire were as neat as his. I seem to have a visual problem when wrapping.
Thanks all. I hope you will find the method useful.

Please remember, it can be used for tying off many diverse materials, not just ribbing material.

For example, here I use it to tie off a wire core dubbing brush. Have a look at the video, and then also visualize how it would end up looking in the event of a dubbing brush tie-off pointing forward.

Hans W

Tacoma Red

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You are a true Master Fly Tyer and an excellent Mentor for us all. Thanks so much and please keep the knowledge coming. So much appreciated!


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