Pattern Damsel in Distress


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I've been playing around with materials to create a lifelike and transparent damsel fly nymph. Now I just need to come up with some legs that I like.

  • Hook: Articulated hook, Rear hook Daiichi 1770 #10 cut off at tail. Lead hook Daiichi 1130 #12
  • Thread: White 8/0 Uni-Thread for thorax
    Olive 8/0 Uni-Thread for thorax
  • Tail: Three olive dyed ostrich herl tips tied splayed.
  • Abdomen: White thread underbody. Black mylar pulled over the back and over wrapped with 1mm wide section of olive think skin.
  • Thorax: Olive tying thread with black mylar pulled over back. Tear drop shape formed with UV cured resin.
  • Wing/Wingcase: Wingcase formed with cutting a section of olive thin skin. This sectio is tied forward and then pulled back over the eyes and secured behind the eyes.
  • Legs: Olive/green dyed mallard flank
  • Head: Olive mono eyes
  • Notes: The articulated section is affixed to the lead hook with .009 monofilament. Several coats of UV cured resin are used to create the head/thorax section. The goal is to create a translucent section. The black mylar strand that is pulled along the back is to mimic the digestive tract of the insect.

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