Anyone been up to flyfish Rattlesnake this year?

I haven't fished it yet this year, however I did hike up to the Ledge last Sunday and noted the condidtions from the view above - water level, underwater topography, stumps, dropoffs, etc.

Only appeared to be about 10+ boats/tubes on the water.

Water level looked "normal" - ie not extreamly low as we have seen during droughts, or so high as touching the shore trees.

anyway, no time this wkend to hit the Central Wa Basin, so I may give it a go Sat afternoon- troll a bugger or chrono.

August at duskis great for dark caddis but way too early for that.
(remember to park outside the gate:)
Was at rattlesnake on the opener and again on sat 5-4 and its a nice little lake.i dont think everyone realizes its a'selective' gear lake though and wish the state would post these lakes more clearly.the far end from the launch has about 42 feet of water and some nice structure.we had 4 pontoons and everyone landed from 15 to 20 in a half-day.blk stone flies,(10-12)olive green with red,small olive green buggers with a little flash worked best for us....3 of 4 had sinking line and most of mine came at 10' to 15' down...the shallows produced alot of little ones(with a whole lot of attitude!!)best of luck if you go..FSHFLTHNKNG.


Be the guide...
Hit the lake last night from the bank for about 1/2 hr with my 2 yr old son. Didn't have any high hopes, just needed to give my wife a break, and I wanted to try out me new Sage rod and Ross reel :)

There was only light surface action scattered about, so I went with a small browish mohair (sp?) leech. Had one nice hit, but I snapped the tipped by striking too hard and fast. Doh! Put on a samll olive/black wooly bugger and caught a 10 incher and an 8 incher. Not too bad considering I had a 2 yr old splashing in the water and throwing rocks.

Once the weather warms up a bit I'll head back over and try again. While I did see a few good sized fish jumping, I was surprised at how small the 2 I caught were.

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