Wild Reverence " the wild steelheads last stand"


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haha, I was scrolling down thinking "man, this would be a perfect time to bust out the "Shut up and take my money!" meme. You clearly beat me to it.
Yeah it just fit too well. Haven't had a chance to use it recently either! Too good of a cause to not support it.


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Thank you kindly! I am actually planning on pitching PBS on a steelhead nature episode and use the film as leverage to make it happen. Or who knows maybe "Wild Reverence " will make it on Tv.
The steelhead deserves a slot on tv.

Sure does, way better than the television shows I normally associate with fishing; Which normally includes a bass boat with a glitter brown paint job and needlessly large engine.


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Hope a bunch of people get on board with this. I've fished with Shane, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who cares more about wild fish. I think he's a great storyteller, and he has the chance to get the wild fish story out beyond the angling community. Go get 'em, Shane!

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