Vedder in Chilliwack


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Made my first trip to the Vedder. Been in YVR about 3 years now and only done some sporadic beach fishing. I scoped the Vedder/Chilliwack on Sunday while my 2 year old son was napping (he loves to sleep in the car :). It was a bit of a gong show in all the deep runs - but everyone was catching fish. Some were hauling them in butt first -but everyone was catching fish...

So, on Tuesday I headed out.

Humpys are THICK! This is the most fish I have seen since moving from AK 15 years ago. Most everyone fishes with a bobber (errr, 'indicator'). I dragged a couple hours, caught a bunch, snagged a few, then switched over to bobber (er, 'indicator') fishing. It was my first time. Definitely helped with not foul hooking. And it was fun. But, it SUCKED to cast. If I'm going to fish that way - I might just go back to using my spinning rod.

Kept one hen for the neighbors. I don't like pinks, they're too soft. But, I did make caviar from the roe. i usually do it with sake and shoyu. THis time I just did the brining method. It's good. A little fishy but good.

Tomorrow I'm headed back. There were a few Silvers being hooked up so I'm going to target them. Going to try a sinking line, short leader, and coho flies. If I get bored, I'll go back to fishing with a bobber :)

Everyone seemed to be using roe. the few fly guys were throwing monster pink fluffy flies. I did best with small pink beadheads with some flash. They were the ticket. Good ole purple egg sucking leech worked too. it was pretty much all you wanted if once you got it dialed in.

would like to find a river with less people but i'll take what i can get...

Even as crowded as it was - if you were willing to take a less 'perfect' spot you could have some space too yourself. Talked to a couple of really nice fellas - and listened (long distance) to a few boneheads.


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That's great that you're exploring the great fisheries on the Vedder! I have lots of good memories fishing that river, mainly for Coho, but also for pinks.



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I've fished that river before, in the height of the white king run, you want to talk crowded...that was crowded. However if you are willing to walk a little bit you can get away from the masses quite easily. As in most places the further you get from the roads the fewer people will be there.