Anybody using a NOR VISE to tie?

Watching some video last night with Norm tying some demo flies.

Looks like quite a different approach to it from my old Price stationary vice.

Anybody use it and if so, how do you feel about it.

The vise looks like a fine tuned machine.

Jeff Dodd

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I really like my Nor-vise. If you watched me tie, the words "Fine-tuned machine" would not come to mind. But yes, I attempt to use the rotary feature.

The vise locks at each 90 degree stop, I find this useful as well. The rotary function also has a break so you can spin the vise fast or rotate it slow and it will stay in any location.
The vise: greatest thing since canned beer. Though a bit pricey.
The value: Once you buy it, and use it, you'll need all the other stuff and find yourself searching couches at your mom's house for the cash until you have it all. And no regrets.
The company: Norm and his wife, as far as I know. Second to none on customer service. Absolutely fabulous.
The machine: Yes, fine tuned is what it is. Endlessly adaptable. It makes you better.

Go see him at a sportsman show, or if you get to Longview/Kelso I'll bet he'd show you himself. It's great.

It's also one of those things no one feels ambivalent about. I'm sure you'll have an opposing view on the vise, and that's fine, but as for customer service, I don't think I've ever heard a single criticism.


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I had a chance to visit with him and try the vise at the WFF in Spokane. Great guy and it was very impressive what he and others are able to do with the vise. I discovered it was not for me, but I can see why people love them. I suggest trying before you buy.
Thanks for the good words. I suspect that Norm is an all right stand up guy, from the way he presents his product. I will check around and see if I can find him somewhere to see it is action. I am an older fellow and my eyes and hands are not as good as they were, but I love to tie.
No, I am an addict.

Thanks to you all for you input.

Chad Lewis

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I learned on a Nor-Vise so I'm a bit jaded. I think I could live without it, but a vise that doesn't rotate at all would go through the window in short order. I can and do tie using the full rotary function. I blame watching tons of internet videos while learning to tie as the reason I don't use Norm's style more. I use the brake habitually and rotate the fly all the time to look at the other side and tie in material. It's great for patterns that need the hook inverted more than once. Quality is outstanding. Only thing I've replaced in six years is the band that tensions the jaws, which cost me nothing since I already had an o-ring kit. I highly recommend buying the midge jaws. I don't swap out the jaws and use the midge's to tie everything up to 2/0 bass hooks and articulated streamers. I can only make the hook move if I pull really hard. The straight jaws that come with the vise are probably a bit better if you tie big patterns a lot and are really picky about the hook never slipping. For me it's not an issue. Besides, Norm used to tie everything on the straight jaws, including tiny stuff. Heard from a good source that Norm thought the midge jaws were unnecessary but so many people wanted them he decided to start selling them. In my opinion the automatic bobbin is the ninth wonder of the world, or whatever number we're up to now. Regular bobbins irritate the shit out of me when I use them, but that's just lack of practice. I don't see me buying another vise to replace the Nor-Vise for any reason.
Bill, funny that you should say that. I had a great magnifying light but the dang tube went out. I looked and looked but could not find a
replacement. So I gave my Grandson my tying table, got rid of the light and depend on a lantern to tie. I guess I need to get a good
light and glass.

As it is, I do not dare tie below the size 14 hooks, but maybe a rare 16.

A glass eye would help and I am certain that the light would also.
Maybe Pacific has one.

Thanks for the information Chad. I doubt that I would be tying anything that small.
Now that my steelhead genes have reawakened, probably more to the size 2 and 4.

I think I need to go fishing......
Creekside Angler is a dealer for Norm so maybe tomorrow I will take a trip over to see what it is all about. Best call to see if they have them in stock.
I had one. Very cool device for sure. Dealt with Norm via email a couple times and agree the customer service is second to none.

I used it for a while and enjoyed it but eventually sold it. For what I do and my style it wasn't for me. I traded if and eventually settled on a Barracuda. I agree with trying before you buy, but you can be assured it would be easy to unload one on the used market if you buy one and decide its not your cup of tea. They seem to hold their value well


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I am wondering about his bobbins also. Can you purchase them without the vise?
Yes sir. It's even the bobbin of choice for some folks who still prefer standard vises. Picking up a Norlander Bobbin and getting used to it prior to diving into the Nor-vise is, IMO, a practical way to make the transition if you're not quite sure about the whole concept. If you don't get along with the auto bobbin, it will be hard to enjoy and get the most out of the Nor-vise system.

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