North sound beach


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fished a north sound beach today. had one tug. a few swirls but no hookups (sort of).
the sea lion out front got 3-4, all gulped down with a few head shakes.
i did land one though.
while i was wading and casting a fisherman standing close by pointed to some fish cruising close by.
made a few casts only to notice one of the fish was being followed by a bright green thing.
turned out to be a hot green dodger. poor fish was hooked up to this dodger and fly rig and towing it around. so i herded the fish and rig up to the beach where we dispatched the fish and kept the dodger and fly.
so if any of you lost your fish and dodger today. i have taken the dodger home.
and next time, use good swivels when making up your rigs. not the cheap brass swivels they sell at Wall Mart or Freddy's.


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What often happens is that trollers send their tackle down to depth but forget to back off the drag after reeling in their flasher. Boat trolls going south, fish hits and goes north, KAPANGGG!!! 25 lb ultragreen leader pops easily.

Don't ask how I know this... but lets just say I spent 10 minutes chasing a very "spunky" flasher around in the salt a few weeks ago. Lesson learned.


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ten, what got me was the cheap snap swivels used on the setup. we would always buy the best we could when fishing the salt back in my trolling days.


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Indeed, just like buying high quality hooks to tie flies on. I'm jealous you got out before the storm, looks like we're in for a stretch of unsettled weather.


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I've been fishing nothing but North Kipsap beaches. Targeting Silvers with not a lot of luck. Yesterday I did land a nice little Sea Run. I also saw a bait fisherman land a very big Star Fish. Those two happenings made my day.
LOL I made a pot ahile back about a crab trap made rom a plastic dishpan -- I made a check and it as heavy as hell to pull up there was a giant starfish I mean big enought to totally envelope the dishpan !!

David Loy

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In a past life I commercial fished and one time caught a large chum dragging hook, sinker, dodger, line, rod and reel.
So, if anyone lost such a setup in 1973, I'll put you in touch with the skipper.

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