Heddon Daisy Automatic Fly Reel

Got bored tonight so I got out some fly reels to play with. One kinda peaked my interest as to it's age. It's my wife's old Heddon automatic reel, it's green, mounts like a regular fly reel, and has an On/Off switch on the non-spring side. The only writing on the reel is on the foot; It says, "HEDDON DAISY ASSEMBLED IN THE USA BY PARTS MADE IN JAPAN". I've been looking on the web for anything that looks like it and have been unsuccessful. Anybody know what its vintage might be? Her step-dad gave it to her a few years back, he found it a a garage sale. Thanks in advance for any info.

.....Sorry I don't have way to pics up at this time.....

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
The Heddon company changed hands several times throughout its history. In the 1960's Heddon was a division of the Daisy Corporation. That should give you a rough idea of the vintage.