Would love to know the story here

Rob Allen

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if they were two piece rods I'd buy them and make new tips for them.. looks like they are mostly 4 piece and designing and making all those sections would be too much work


I've seen guys cast with half a rod... for those guys, this is a great deal... of course, normally they cast with the upper sections but the lower half is what you need for fighting the fish. If you're more into fighting fish than casting, this is a hell of a deal :)
Crazy! Would be kinda cool to do something fun with them.
On a hellofa craigslist find note... A friend found some pretty well known racing shoes for super cheap.
A charity had moved into a building and the people that were renting the building before left all these shoes, so they had to unload them for cheap....
Normally $200+ shoes, he got for $15... Turns out the shoe manufacture didnt think to highly of the charity selling them for cheap...

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