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I am heading to Chopaka in a few days. This will be the first time for me on the lake. If you have any tips on how to fish the lake this time of year I would appreciate it. I also plan to fish Blue Lake (southwest of Oroville) and would welcome any pearls of wisdom for that lake also. Thanks.


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When I have fished Chopaka this time of year and later I usually fish a full sink with a Carey pattern to find fish. Then I'll fish the area until it gets slow and move on. The east side of the lake across from the campsites has a drop off that parallels the shoreline. 12 to 16 feet seems to produce the best but casting to the edge of the reeds and stripping back quickly can pick up the cruisers. Good luck and stay dry and warm...
Thanks Roper and Bass turds. I appreciate the valuable tips. I will be sure to have some carey patterns and my bug spray is already packed. I will post a report after I return.


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I have had good luck in the Fall at Chopaka fishing the shallow end with an intermediate line casting streamers/leeches/woolly buggers towards the reeds and shorline structure and retreiving at a fairly fast pace. Switch out colors until you find one that is working - black, green, brown, burgundy and white have all worked at times. I usually use an intermediate sink line on that part of the lake.
bring bug spray this is not my typical smart ass comment. you will want it
Why bug spray? Mosquitoes and ticks are long gone by now. Bees are slightly more aggressive now with the cold nights, but don't see many. I've never been anywhere around here where bugspray is needed in the fall.


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I'd also recommend fishing the shallow end of the lake using a clear intermediate sinking line or a light sink tip line. I don't think fly pattern matters that much at this time of the year as the fish are hungry and hit almost anything. I think the retrieve style makes the most difference. Try casting out and letting the fly sink to just above the weeds, and then aggressively strip in your fly with no pausing. The faster you can strip in the fly the better, and any fish that can catch it will be a good fighting fish. Good luck!


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