Just got back from Duvall

Stillwater is....well...just that. Still with water in the back yard.

It has no museum akin to the Louvre, not even an airport. Unless you consider field on the other side of the water part of Stillwater.

I can attest to the fact, that on cold, dark, winter nights, when the power goes out and snow and ice collect on the roadway of HWY 203,
Stillwater is very Still and the water is hard and cold to the touch.

I would not classify it with DUVALL, even if the Chevron Station is the
Las Vegas of Washington.
Wadin 'boot',
You would be correct - a grammatical mis-interpretation is what has happened...

The word was "than" what, not "then" what.... Although the ride we all got to take along with you and your wife was of some value.

You had said "... All I had to say was that the place looks quite a bit different".
... so I asked you "than what?"

The NSA has their work cut out for them.

Well…I guess that's what I get for only glancing at your question before responding. To answer your question, the stretch of Highway 203, in between NE 124th ST. and NE Woodinville Duvall Rd., has definitely experienced a lot of development in recent years (new houses, apartments, etc.). This was definitely the case in the area where the Safe Way is located. It use to seem like one could drive along this stretch for quite some distance and only see the random farm house. Otherwise, the north end of Duvall seems more, for lack of a better term, cute.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
But with the impending climate change and sea levels rising, on incoming tides the current will reverse itself 2x daily and flow up-river past the lovely village.

Not too long from now Doovawl may become a thriving seaside village!
We already got us shirts that proclaim the availability of seasonal waterfront property. It's inevitable.
My bi-weekly trip to DUVALL took me to the hardware store. I found that Christmas decorations are already festooning the interior of the mercantile. I was dismayed. I have not even had occasion to enjoy my annual feast of turkey breast, cranberry sauce, stuffing and other agents of gluttony. Not to mention the football and sofa nap that usually accompanies it. However, my complaint to the clerk went unnoticed.

When I was gainfully employed (pre retired) I usually fished the day after Thanksgiving. Now, I leave it to the working class. Monday after comes soon enough.

Old Man

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Is this an example of a than what/then what interpretation issue? Best part about it is the NSA is probably digging this earwax, licking and sniffing it, rolling it between their somewhat opposable thumb and forefingers trying to decipher what the last 15 pages mean, good luck NSA hacks, good luck, in Duvall the foil lined seahawk toques are in effect, ain't nothing secret coming or going, lips are sealed...
I miss driving on those back roads. I prefer to drive back road's to driving down freeways. I once drove from Ellensburg to exit 38 on I-90 by driving the back roads. I did have to touch the freeway every once in a awhile. But for the most part it was dirt and gravel. But I had the help of a good map. But you can only drive that way in the summer time. In the winter it's all covered with about 6' of snow.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Not from my farm. Over the hill and through the woods, past Grandma's house. And there it is. A sparkling jewel in the Cherry Valley, Paris of the Americas, DUVALL!
How long have you lived in that area. You have to search all the local maps to learn the true meaning of a farmer. They know how to get from point A to point B by using their brains. I'm not saying you don't have any. But if the shoe fits.....................................
September 1, 1969.

It was pretty much farm land then.

Today, not so much.

I am retired so I do not have to use my brains.
Besides, it hurts to do so.

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