favorite fly of the year???

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I know most ppl have a favorite fly, I know I do. But this year I also had a fly that did really well for me. It was my go to fly. It just seemed like when nothing was working I could tie one of these on and get some action. It was a fly that I normally don't use or for that matter have never had much luck with it. It was a royal wulff. I just seemed to land fish when I put this on. So now my question to all of you is what was your go to fly this summer, one that you wouldn't call your favorite but seemed to work really well for you this year?
how about bacon wrapped nightcrawlers?
Hmm,... Now you have my attention...

In all seriousness to the original question, I have a question:

What are we fishing for (trout - browns, bulls, cutties, rainbows), where are we fishing (lake, stream/river), what is the weather like (cloudy, partly, clear), and how desperate am I to catch a fish (am I fishing for #'s, really big ones, or do I just want to make sure that there's even a fish where I'm at)?

Sorry to over complicate it, but I think these all come into play. So I had several favorites, for each type of fish, in certain places, when the weather was a certain way.

Trying to assume the conditions where you were at, catching fish on a Royal Wulff, I would have gone to a big stim or ant. Those two in sumer time (mid to late), work well for me....or Power Bait.