Necanicum River in Oregon info?


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We're staying here in Seaside for a week and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Necanicum? There's a bit of wade access at the county park just out of town on Hwy 26. Regs say it's open, water is clear but fast (right now). Just not sure if I want to drop another $16 for a 1-day license.
Given the chance of some pretty fresh from the salt salmon at the location I'd use my 8-9 wt.


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Well I can't help you with that certain river but can help with targeting salmon on the Oregon coast for any river in the lower parts as you state, by the park!

"TIDES" are the most important thing for fishing low on coastal rivers during the salmon runs. look for the first 4 hours of the incoming for moving fish down low. If the high tide was say at 4:00 in the morning than fish higher - say 5 miles up or even higher in high water conditions. they move fast and can be timed for the area of river you want to fish. if there is a high tide in the afternoon drop back down and target more fish moving in with the incoming tide.

If the river is moving from bank to bank than fishing the "deeper holes" is not needed! the fish will storm up the sides or easiest traveling lanes although the Necanicum is a very small river(more of a creek) you should be able to find a good spot low in the river where fish have to swim past and stay in one spot and let them move to you! just make sure you have plenty of water and bank below you because these fish fresh out of the salt can make you look stupid real fast when hooked if not prepared or using heavy enough gear, 30 pound leader or higher is what I would suggest.

I floated the river once years ago but base this on 30 years of Wilson, Trask, Kilchis, Nehalem drift boating for chinook (I used a 12 weight for Trask and Wilson fish). Funny how boats will fish the holes in high water when the fish just storm through them never stopping like in lower conditions.

Timing the incoming is the key to fishing low or higher-up ---good luck!

Bright green and orange combo will work! (Task river special)

I don't know the run timing on that river but the Trask, Nehalem, NF Nehalem are the early run rivers to your south. 15 years, or so, ago this early rain came and the Trask was "EPIC" for the first week of the water dropping which looks like it could be fishable this Friday for some of the biggest Chinook in the lower 48 states. Try just below the dead line from the hatchery above lorens drift (about 5 miles above tide water) you wont be disappointed! It can be insane how many huge Chinook will move through in one day DURING THAT FIRST WEEK AFTER AN EARLY BLOW-OUT LIKE THIS. Last time this happened I called friends and we spent that week after an early blow-out (first week of Oct.) camping and floating the river. sore arms for sure! The Wilson and Kilchis are later run rivers.


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I've caught some very nice cutthroat where the river flows through the golf course in town. Some real pigs. Reverse knudsen's in black or red did it.

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