Anybody been to lone lake lately?

Its that time of the salmon season when my mind starts drifting to Lone and Pass. Throwing the five weight is starting to sound pretty good.
I'm planning on checking the temps tomorrow. Last week the water was still a bit warm. The nights have been cooler so it might be fishable.

Jeff Dodd

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Fun day at lone. Morning fish were rising all over the center of the lake. Tough to mat h the hatch.

I fished with Gary Knowles for much of the morning. We did pretty well. Gary got us going with a few on leaches stripped. I stuck with the dry fly until I got a solid take and then we fished chironomids. Gary lost a big fish when it split his 6 pound leader. Would have loved to have seen that fish.

My son Max joined me for the after lunch fishing and he taught me how to hook up with the indicator. He got a fish at the point on his first set. Small chromie was a good chironomid pattern today.

Here is one of Gary's nice sized trout


And Max playing a nice fish at the point.


Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Thanks for the great report and pics Jeff. I'll be headed over that way soon.

I've joined the ranks of those who can choose to fish mid-week on a regular basis now.;)
It was a great day indeed! Thanks for letting me join you in your boat, it was nice not to have to kick around the lake, especially when the wind came up. A black hale bopp leach was my best producer, I wish I could have stayed longer because the last 30 minutes I had seven strikes. I wish I could have seen the fish that broke me off after a couple minutes of bulldoging me down deep, one of those what if things that I'm still thinking about.

Great picture of Max, its awesome to see that big grin while playing a fish. He played it like a pro too, outside of the he's gone, oh wait he's not!

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