WTB Looking for some fly fishing gear and or a boat...lets see what ya got!

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Hey I am looking for a few things so thought I would drop the msg and see if anyone had anything I wanted they were willing to part with...
1) Airflo 510 Skagit Compact new or in good condition
2) Airflo 510 Skagit Switch new or in good condition
3) Airflo 510 Scandi Compact new or in good condition
4) Fly tying materials of all kinds trying to build my collection up even further
5) Smaller sized spey or switch rod i.e. 5wt open to different models from different companies new or in good condition.
6) 14-16ft flat bottom boat good for running rivers like the skagit, sky, grande ronde, OP rivers etc.

Thanks for looking, please don't hesitate to let me know what you are willing to part with, this is just the short list, I am always looking for new stuff so if you think you have something not listed I might like please feel free to let me know....really into the spey game so sink tips mow tips bulk T material, leader/head wallets, or different lines then those I listed in the same ball park grain wise etc....

Thanks for looking
You may have trouble finding a boat to cover the Skagit, Sky, Ronde and OP. Several of those are only suited to a DB or a raft.

With that said I have a 15' Smokercraft for sale with a 25 HP Merc 4 stroke that could run some bigger rivers no problem
yeah I kinda thought that might be a tough one but drift boats or bigger pontoons are also welcome....i guess first off what are you looking to get outta it and do you have any pictures?? I do have a 16ft Huews craft river runner that works great on the columbia and the bigger rivers, Im really looking for something smaller like a flat bottom i can put a jet on and run in the 6"-1ft of water on some smaller water....doesn't have to cover the entire river just certain sections i'd be able to run in a flat bottom....I just got back from the Deneki Outdoors AK West Lodge I worked up there this summer and we had flat bottom boats with 40hp jets on em and they could run any little schnidle of water so thats what I am looking for....
Bill the rods you make are beautiful...i would love to own one but I need to collect a cpl more pay checks before I could pull the trigger on one...Will defiantly keep them in the for font of my mind though as I search for a smaller spey/switch rod...

Thank you for your response...
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