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Not to be confused with Freestone
Could robotic creatures like these become the sports for future generations of hunters and fisherman?

I've been quite interested in watching the rapid advance of robotics and in particular the efforts to mimic the kinesthetics of life forms. Along with the meteoric pace of nano-technologies and direct digital manufacturing, I don't think were too many years away from some amazing life-like machines that could become sport.

I can already see the need for another "special" punch card... ;)
I watched a video on the Asian Carp in Kentucky lake this morning.
The could become the fish du jour of the future.

The State of Kentucky had a group of commercial fishermen come in and net the lake for two days to see how many were available. They took out tons of them. And they are spreading.

Wonder how long it will be before some knucklehead will want to plant them in the Columbia or some such river.

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