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I have quite a bit of Muskrat.... natural.

Does anyone have a pattern they like that calls for muskrat? I need to use it or get rid of it.

Well there's an obscure old pattern called the "Adams" that uses the underfur with guard hairs picked out for the abdomen. ;) Leave the guard hairs in and it makes buggy nymph dubbing. Or cut the hide in strips if it's still flexible and it makes great zonker strips.

Muskrat underfur is very fine and water resistant and makes a great dry fly dubbing.


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When I was a kid, I trapped a few muskrats and skinned them. I tied my favorite rocky mountain trout nymph I called the muskrat, basic partridge tail, muskrat dubbing and duck quill wing pad(Swisher Richards pattern from the book Selective Trout). Also you can tie a Fledermaus.
Speaking of Fledermaus, I think I'll go tie up a few today.

Jeff Dodd

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Yes, I need to get some out and use it! A material I should've been using all along I see.

Matt, I will hand a few skins off to you next time your are on the island.

Tim Cottage

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I've heard there's a small group of fly tyers that eschew synthetics for fly bodies. For some quaint reason they prefer natural material.
How very quaint that must be. Probably a bunch of old farts in tweed breeks and waistcoats.
I generally use the new improved version of Syntho Flashy Fur marketed as Syntho Flashy Fur Extreme with extreme flash and proprietary UV properties.



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The more synthetics I get to play with the more I yearn for a good old fashioned natural fly. Perhaps I will wear my tweed coat and poly underwear.
You could try my "All Washington Emerger" (AWE), tied with materials from our State:

Tail: Moose mane from Moose shot by my Brother-In-Law in a NE Washington permit hunt.
Body: Muskrat trapped in the winter by a guy I met at Chopaka - pick out a bit.
Rib: Copper wire purchased at McClendon Hardware :)
Hackle: Hungarian Partridge I shot in Kittitas County - 2 turns


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