Grey Nymph has been a very productive pattern for me in various waters across the country. I've also used muskrat in a personal variation of gold and silver ribbed Hare's Ear nymphs (with some guard hairs left in) that have also produced well.
Well there are a lot of patterns that use muskrat. I would recommend that you save one full skin for yourself and ditch the rest, I've been working on one skin for 40 years and it is still going strong.
How very quaint that must be. Probably a bunch of old farts in tweed breeks and waistcoats.
I generally use the new improved version of Syntho Flashy Fur marketed as Syntho Flashy Fur Extreme with extreme flash and proprietary UV properties.

Hey, what is wrong with tweed breeks and waistcoats?

Remember, drys, cast upstream to rising fish only!


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Pretty much any fly with a medium to dark grey body can be tied with Muskrat. Back in the dark ages (you know before computers, the interweb, and the proliferation of synthetics), muskrat was considered an essential fly tying material. Heck , even Lee Wulff (Yeah, I know he is an old dead guy now) used muskrat on his GREY WULLF.

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