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I had to a do a talk this AM in downtown Seattle. I was driving down I5, and a rig towing a boat pulled up beside me, and pulled ahead of me. I was sort of dreading doing the talk thinking how much more fun it might be to be out fishing or something else non-work related. So I was staring at the back of this 20-ish foot boat a whole bunch.

On first impressions it wasn't the prettiest thing but you could definitely fish off it. As I looked closer there was a new-ish 100 + horse outboard on it. The clear cover up top looked brand new and the only reason the boat looked sorta crappy on first impression was that below the waterline had been painted in a rust color that was sloppily applied. If it was on the water, it would probably be a pretty neat nice looking thing. Frankly I was jealous these guys were probably going out for a fish and I was going off to do work.

Those were my thoughts as I moved over into the exit lane at the Convention Center, now two lanes away from the boat. As I did a white Uhaul or rental van, travelling way faster than traffic, travelling directly behind the boat, slammed on the brakes and slid. You could see in no way would the brakes prevent the impact. One of those mesmerizing slow mo moments that you can't help but watch.

The Uhaul crashed straight into the back of this nice boat, right into that newish 100 horse outboard, the trailer bucked, the towing rig didn't do much. Probably a 15 mph impact into a near stationary boat and rig. There were lots of shattering noises. Ouch.

If you're the guys with the boat I saw it all, if you need a witness or something. You have my sympathies, in less than two seconds your day was probably ruined. It didn't look like anyone got hurt, fortunately, but man what a crappy day for y'all.

It is super depressing to hear a truck smash directly into some dude's boat, I hope the guy has insurance.


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That sucks!

Nothing like having an anticipated day of fishing ruined by someone who has more important places to go, more quickly than the rest of us!! :mad:

Jeff Dodd

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Oh, this is my fear.... and my worst fear is to later learn it was my fault because my F'ing trailer breaks were not functioning!!

Hope everyone is healthy.2 more beach fishermen.


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These things happen. Hopefully the fishermen/women were seasoned enough to take it in stride. I'll wager that some ones insurance covered it. But it's still a lost day fishing. That doesn't sound like much to a non fishing person, but it is. I'm now recalling days when some outside force stopped me from fishing. The boat, the motor and any ill feelings actually pale in comparison to that moment when you realize that you aren't going to fish that day! Then the other stuff creeps in and it all gets worse. If karma has any role in it the boat owners either already had or can look forward to some much better days on the water.


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Ouch...........Someone ran into the back of my Grandfather with his little 14' aluminum lake boat. Hit it hard enough the boat landed in front of his vehicle. Off the recycle yard it went.

David Loy

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My oldest daughter rowed for Holy Names Crew. One time, in an eight, the Cox steered them into the stern of a vintage wood Chris Craft. Two older guys just floating in Lake Union, got skewered like a shish kabob on a sharp stick. No one got hurt but quite a bit of damage to two spendy boats.