Fucking done


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When do you give up on a rod/rifle/bow and just set the bitch on fire? The mojo is gone, or the juju has gone flabby and flaccid. Can't sell the damn thing because the yuppie brigade will give you low ball offers, and the e*ay crowd will return shit for the most minor of cosmetic defect, I mean REALLY? At what point do you just say, "Fuck this." and set your Meiser on fire?

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I think most people are pretty done with selling on ebay, so much buyer protection with paypal...as far as the rod goes I have one I have tried to sell a few times and everytime it doesnt sell I take it out fishing and catch a bunch of fish, almost makes me fall in love with it again...for a little while.


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Done with the rod, ever since I ETS'd and moved back here I have not brought a fish to hand with that rod. Either LDR'd or the rod breaks but can't seal the deal with it. My burkie, winston, and loop rods have all brought me steelhead, this rod is cursed. I can't get rid of it. I am seriously considering setting it on fire as a sacrifice to the anadromous fish gods.
Would trying to swap it be any easier? I feel like I get a bigger bang for the buck I invested in music and recording gear this way than I do trying to sell it. Just throwing it out there.


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If you have a 7133 Winston BIIX or 7133-3 Burkie, NIT with warranty card. I've got 300 bucks and a fully functioning meiser to trade ya.


Don't burn it! The smoke will infect your other rods!

There is an exorcism for rods possessed by demons. However, it is complicated and kind'a... well... messy. I can't reveal the exact procedure here but for the low, low price of $29.95 I will e-mail you the instructions. This is a limited, Internet Only Offer. But wait! If you PM me today, I'll include the instructions for a reel exorcism absolutely free.

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