Would this work as a shooting basket?


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I used my new Linekurv yesterday and absolutely loved it. Previously, I was using an collapsible one that picked up at Pacific Fly Fishers (Peter Jeffries?) and routinely walked off the beach frustrated beyond belief with it...

Linekurv is awesome...no kinks, knots, or frustration.

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I had one of those collapsible POS's before I bought my LineKurv. But I don't feel it was a complete waste of money - turns out to be a killer berry picking basket!


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Well Jeez, you talked me into it. I'll see if Pacific Fly Fishers has one or I'll hit Puget my next time down the 5... Thanks Stonefish!
Also make sure to ask questions whether you go to puget sound or pacific. Both stores are fountains of knowledge. Great folks who can give you a lot of valuable tips when starting out.
Well, on the advice of Stonefish and others I tried cancelling my order for the planting basket, but no dice; it showed up today. Since it's going to take Pacific Fly Fishers a couple of weeks to get in my Linekurv, I figured I'll give it a shot.



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Although you're kinda stuck with it I agree with some of the others that it looks pretty narrow. I think you're gonna get tired of fighting to get the line to drop into the basket.

I'm another Linekurv aficionado!
You've done okay. Go to Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo and buy the Linkurv and know you have arrived!

Thanks Ed. I'm a total noob at this and the guys at Pacific Fly Fishers have been pretty patient with me so I feel like I owe them a few more of my bucks.

I go golfing down at Gold Mountain a few times a year; the next time I do I'll stop in at Peninsula!