Do Seals ever concern you when wading waist deep in the salt? Do you ever feel unwelcome?


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My wife and I were on a water tour out of La Paz two summers ago and the "highlight" was snorkeling around a small rock out cropping covered with sea lions.There were a bunch of tour boats,so ample numbers of people diving.The guide off hand commented that the lions were breeding so don't swim too close to the rocks,for the males could be protective.I'm not really a tour person and the idea of swimming around with a group isn't my style,so i peeled off and starting exploring apart from the group.I had a male sea lion charge me about twenty feet down,that sucker came out of nowhere and got right in my face before turning.Some scary chit.A local girl was tubing last summer and was shredded by an angry otter,I mean shredded.I'd stay clear of both and anything in between.


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First it was wolves, then it was grizzlies, then it was fear of cougars, gee, what kind of GUN do you use for seals or otters to PROTECT yourself??!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of pu_.....ies!! Ha! You guys crack me up...
Where are you guys from anyway? This is the Great Northwest. We're not sissies here.
:D :D :D :p
Two more words: Federally protected. 3 words: Here before you...

Personally, the more critters I see out there when fishing, the better the day is for me. One of the most memorable events occurred when, during the previous pink season I had a large harbor seal chase the fish I'd hooked through about 2 feet of water. I couldn't turn the fish in time to beach it, and the seal plucked it off the line. I certainly didn't begrudge it, as it was trying to get a meal and just survive. I just laughed and resumed fishing.
It gets old


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Nothing wrong with a person trying to understand the environment they are recreating in,information is better than a hog leg and an over-sized ego.:)
Ouch!!! I was out this afternoon, just came back and had a Seal eyeball me over and over, it was sitting right in the pocket of water I was swinging into. Basically, we both fish the same spot. I think it stages right behind the fish I'm after. Anyhow, not sure if it produced any fish, but I sure did. I just get nervous about it coming after my fish as I fight it and bring it to hand as I'm in the water thigh deep. :| So far I've been left alone, but it sure affects how quickly I try to bring the fish to hand and let it go. ;) Would hate for that thing to grab my hand by accident in an attempt to get at my SRC.

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Some years ago I was fishing with a guy for sea run Cutthroat. We were in knee deep water, strong current, on a shallow flat that drops off into a deep channel. A big male California Sea Lion comes along, plowing upstream, and this thing is huge. It is like watching a horse swimming along. This fellow I was with is from the mid west, and he has never seen any kind of "seal" before. Suddenly the sea lion, maybe twenty yards away, spots us, and he stops cold in the current and just stares at us for a moment. Then he submerges and begins coming at us. I grabbed my guest and dragged him back toward the edge of the beach a few steps. There was a huge bulging wake ahead of this sea lion as it zeroed in on us. The distance that this animal covered in just a few seconds as it raced toward us underwater was astonishing. As the bull came into the shallows we could hear the gravel on the bottom scraping against his belly. He was now right at our feet. He hesitated, and then turned around, with impossible speed and agility, and thrashed his tail powerfully, darting away with a torpedo like rush of speed. The force of the water coming off of this sea lion's tail as it brushed against our legs was stunning. My impression is that if we had been standing in just a little deeper water we would have been lucky if our legs were the only thing broken. P.S. We never wade more than knee deep in the saltchuck now.

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