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I'll admit the average Subaru driver is on the slow side. But then, when you drive above average speed, everyone is on the slow side. I have more issues with Prius drivers than Subaru drivers these days. I think all the slow mid 90s Outback owners are trading in for a Prius. All I know is that with over 300 hp in my Forester, it's a rare occurance to have someone on my tail! :cool:


I don't want to offend another group of specific vehicle owners so I won't go off on a Prius rant. Evidently, the challenge for a Prius owner must be to drive slow enough that the gas engine never comes on -- which must be somewhere around 22 miles per hour.

...and to think at one time a VW Bug was considered slow...

(I come from a long line of speeders... except for my Mom... she was issued just one speeding ticket in her life and when she was cited, you'd think she was going to die ... according to her, the OSP officer smelled like he'd been drinking so obviously she was given a ticket in error -- and considering the speeds she drove, I'm inclined to believe her)
Aw man, I drive a Prius. When I'm just wading and don't have to traverse rough roads, I drive it to fish. I own guns. I try to avoid speeding tickets. Can I be in the misfits club?
Well Gene, I could send you photocopies of my speeding tickets. And I at least got this thread back on the track of serious political discussion. Oh, and conservatives only catch big @#!*% fish cuz they're rich 1%ers who fish with guides. So there, . . .
Or they're smart with their money, out of debt, and can budget one in. :p
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Both sides are full of clowns - I don't understand how anyone can pick a party and think they're right...
Yes! This ^^^

Separately, I bought a Subaru a year ago precisely to raise the average speed of the brand. If you listen closely when I pass, you can hear me yelling, "Get the f--k out of my way, f--king hippies!" There are way too many hippies in Seattle, in Subarus or otherwise.

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Donny, you're out of your element...
I actually almost jumped on a Subaru Crosstrek last week but opted for a Nissan Juke instead. The Crosstrek has the potential to be a great awd crossover in that just over $20k price point, but its competitors are offering the turbo injected 4 cylinders. I went with the Juke because the ride height makes it semi-trail friendly and it still gets decent MPG. Unless you drive like I do. I really liked the new Ford Escape too--but with full features it jumped out of my price range.
Talk of debts and AWD vehicles is like catnip to Ive of Ione... need to throw down some new keywords to lure him onto this thread:

gas prices
401 k


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STEREOTYPE! - I'll have you know my son drives his WRX way over the speed limit and he has the tickets to prove it. I drive a forester and I'm 5 over all the time. There are a lot of soccer moms in Subaru's - I cant speak for them...:cool:
I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago on highway 2 in eastern WA. I drive a Subaru Forester! :eek:

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Wait, isn't this about politics? What's this "budget" thing you speak of?
Well, it's this complex system of mathematics (really high level stuff), where you set aside monies for certain expenditures.

Now, if you want to get into the really, really high tech math (I mean like alien stuff), you operate your budget on a balanced system. I know, I know... hang in there. Most crazy, smart people, I mean like psychopath smart, call this a ' balanced budget '.

See what they did?! They put the two words together (but switched them around). I know, I know, it's crazy stuff man. But the meaning of it will just blow your mind. The idea, is to not spend more than you take in. WHAT!? :eek:

Breathe man, just breathe... it's a lot to take in all at once. :p:D
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