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So I went through my tying desk over the last few days, and I finally have some sort of organization. While organizing, I found that I had way too much of the same things in the same colors etc.... So I put together a few lots of items I am looking to sell together. Most things are brand new, some have been used a little. Nothing here is depleted. I have pics of everything but there are like 30 of them so I ask if you want pics, please PM me for pics of what lots you may be interested in. All prices include shipping.

Lot 1:

16 packs of craft fur / streamer hair
10 patches of elk / deer hair
12 calf tails
7 fox / coyote masks

All for $45

Lot 2:

30 packs of rabbit zonker strips
28 packs of all kinds of dubbing
20 packs of random rubber things. V-Rib, scud back, legs etc....

All for $80

Lot 3:

20 packs of glo-bug material
18 packs of trout beads

All for $50

Lot 4:

24 packs of fishair, polar fibre, super hair
42 packs of flashabou, Krystal flash, lite brite

All for $80

Lot 5:

24 packs of marabou
12 packs of golden pheasant, peacock, biots
26 random hackle pieces

All for $80

Lot 6:

60 spools of thread and wire. UNI, UTC, Danville
90 packs of assorted chenille

All for $80

Lot 7:

17 assorted hackles - Grizzly, Cree, badger etc...
5 whole bird skins - pheasant, partridge, etc....

All for $150

Lot 8:

25 packs of beads, nymph heads and lead eyes
36 packs of hooks. Mostly nymph and dry fly hooks with some octopus

All for $80

Please PM for pics and questions. Thanks


Rob Ast

Active Member
Are the hackles all rooster capes/saddles or are these more soft hackle/hen/salt water feathers?
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