DynaKing Barracuda vs Renzetti Cam Series Traveler?

Anyone used both of these vises? If so which do you prefer and maybe why you prefer it? Looking at both but can't find a Renzetti local to try out


I have both vises. I use a Barracuda Jr for my "home vise" and the Ronzetti Traverler when I'm on the road. I like both vises. The reason I leave the DynaKing at home is because the sucker is built like a Tiger Tank and on the heavy side -- which is a good thing for a home vise.

If you plan on using the vise primarily at home, I'd probably go with the Barracuda. But, ideally, you do as I did and buy both. It's a very good combo.
I've had both and still use my original travelers, like Gene said the Jr is bullet proof but I didn't care for the larger size, just
didn't feel right to me so I sold it. Bought my Renzetti when they first came out, replaced the jaws once and then upgraded to the cam jaws and have used it ever since....Keep thinking about getting one of the new black ones.... Maybe ???
Can't go wrong with either one imo....

Jim Darden

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I now use the Renzetti for everything, it packs down nice and covers a wide range of hook sizes. It took me a while to get to that point but I have to admit it is a great all around vise!


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what GAT said, I'm a DK fan.

it seems strange tying 16s and 18s on the same vise you tied 1/o deer hair bugs on a few months ago. no issues with hook grip either It is smooth and sturdy.


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Although both are rotary vises, they aren't in the same league when it comes to materials used to make them and hook holding power. The Dyna King Barracuda is a much, much better made vise that will very easily last a lifetime of very hard use (as in millions of flies tied on it), the Renzetti Traveler will not. The Barracuda has ball bearings to support the vise arm, the Traveler doesn't; thus, the Barracuda is very smooth without slop and the Traveler is a bit jerky and has some slop with used in rotary mode. The Barracuda has the ability to very easily lock the vise in stationary mode, the Traveler does not. The Barracuda has an easily adjustable indexing of the jaw in the horizontal plane so the hook shank in exactly parallel with the rotational centerline, the Traveler does not. The Baracuda is made from high quality stainless steel, the Traveler has a lot of aluminum.

Like I said, they aren't in the same league. Yes, both are rotary vises with a V-shaped vise arm to allow good clearance at the tail end of the hook, but after that, they are very, very different vises. And if you get the Barracuda, Jr. the price is very close to that of a new Renzetti Traveler.

Jim Wallace

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I am viewing this thread with keen interest. I have decided that I need to get a good rotary vice. I have been tying on a basic low-end Griffin. It does a nice job of holding the hook securely, but that's about it. I think that having a good rotary vice will make tying a little easier, and more fun. The Griffin will then become my "travel vice."

This thread now has me leaning toward the Dyna King Barracuda JR. Maybe it was the "Trekker" version I was looking at.
I haven't researched prices or deals, yet. I'm thinking of just going in and buying one at a "local" fly shop.
Edit: After researching prices and checking my bank account, I am now considering less expensive models such as the Renzetti Traveler, the Peak rotary, and the Danvise (like the one Ive has).

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