(Inexpensive) Stripping basket

Came across this storage basket in the Anchorage Wally World . Checked locally today and I see that it is available in all the Wallmarts. Under $3.00. Such a deal. I think it will work fine. It doesn't have the "curvature" of the fancy expensive ones but will still work.



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I like that one. Only problem is IKEA doesn't ship it. Store only. It would end up costing me $20 to go get it.

Now is a good time to get $25 off a $50 purchase at the ORVIS STORE. Unfortunately, Orvis raised the price of theirs by about $25 last year or so. Still, some savings. It ends the 20th!

Bob Triggs

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I like to use Rubbermaid Dishpans. I get them used and in good condition at second hand stores and yard sales, usually for a dollar. I buy, or sometimes find, 30" bungee cords with permanent hooks already on them. (Your needs may vary.) The hooks are plastic coated steel. I drill 7/16 inch holes at each corner of the lip of the basket to hold the hooks in use. I have some of these set up and still fishing that are over 15 years old. If I went hog wild and bought everything new, it would still be only about $6 for everything. The advantage to the solid dishpan, with no drain holes or dividers etc, is that they do not get stuff stuck in them, and the lines rarely tangle as they are out of the wind and splashes. And I can be in a boat or out wading off shore, and if I need to lay my fly box down in the basket to open it out of the wind, I don't have flies lost. I can also open up a reel in the bottom of the basket if there is a problem, and I don't have to worry about losing small parts through the "drain holes". If I get a splash of water in the basket it is very simple to dash it out by tipping the basket to one side as the bungee is very elastic. The fit should be low and loose. That way your hands can work in a comfortably low position all day. At the end of the day I can place my wet dirty boots into the basket, and roll up my waders and place them on top, and have no mess on the way home. If I was going to directly fly home I could place the entire deal into a plastic garbage bag and put it into my baggage with no worries.

When we waded the Striper flats back east at night we would often have a snack or sandwich and small thermos in our pack or jacket pockets. At any point we could take a break, usually at low tide though, and we were sometimes as much as a half mile off shore out there in two or three feet of water, and we could put our sandwich and thermos in the basket and enjoy a coffee break with no hassle, standing right there. Cheap is good. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com


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I used one of Bob's creations they day he guided me for SRC. I can attest to the ease that water can be emptied from them after a fall.
I used one of Bob's creations they day he guided me for SRC. I can attest to the ease that water can be emptied from them after a fall.
Good ideas. I hadn't thought about the openings in the basket being a problem with collecting debris. I was only thinking about letting water out.
Years ago, we used the rubbermaid dishpans striper fishing too. My basket took a wave hit and it knocked me down in the surf. When I got up I was knocked down again. I haven't used a stripping basket since. A surf is not an issue in Puget Sound so I was thinking it is time to use a stripping basket again. I think a few trips to Goodwill are in order.


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No holes in a stripping basket for me. I find you get way more line tangles if you are wading and your basket fills with water.
The best combo I've found is no holes and adding just a bit of water to the basket. It keeps your line wet and tangles are rare.
I used a Rubbermaid basket for years until I bought a LL Bean basket.
I could definitely see how no holes would help...but considering I'm usually fishing the Oregon surf, I'm putting lots of holes for drainage in mine. It also helps keeping me from getting washed away by the stray wave.


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I agree regarding holes and fishing the surf. Inner Puget Sound is a whole different ballgame.
Except for a few areas I fish, freighter waves are our surf.
I built a cheap basket when I lived in Jersey and got into striper fishing. Same as mentioned above, but I drilled holes in the bottom and siliconed sections of weed whacker line to act as "fingers" to help with tangles. It worked pretty well, but ended up switching to an Orvis basket that I picked up at a garage sale for 10 bucks. The orvis basket is super nice, it has a big belt on it, the basket contours to your body and it was light and plastic finger cones worked flawlessly.
I put holes in my Linkvevrvevrverveve or whatever its called, but I am starting to think if I had to do it over I would not add holes. Still works damn fine but the occasional time I wade deep its a pain having it fill with water and never drain


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Like Randal, mine sees use in the surf. After the first day of getting waves into the basket, out came the drill and more holes added.

Now, thinking about what Bob as some of you others brought up, a basket with no holes to keep the slickshooter out of the water for Steelheading sounds very nice. So many times I cast and find the shooting head slowing and collapsing 50 feet in front of me and the 20-30 feet of shooting line around me sinking in the river.