Selling public lands


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This is a very interesting issue and I agree with the author that it's troublesome. The idea that state governments (If bills like the one in Utah are found constitutional) are just going to sit on large tracts of land and manage them for public use is preposterous. It seems like the author indicates (without actually coming out and making the claim) that states will mismanage the lands and will likely sell them to private interests. I completely agree. It seems like local government is not only more susceptible to private interests than fed. agencies, but that they also have a tendency to think in the short term.


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This should be everyone's motivation to join groups like Western Rivers and access in perpetuity.

And Larry, in case you haven't checked lately, a damn good many from the left side of the isle are owners or have large stakes in corporations and private land blocks now... and will gladly buy your prime fishing hole if the price is right.

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Douchebags should leave public lands alone. Utah seems to have a surplus of Douchbaggery. Trying to cut off stream access, trying to sell of private land. Maybe Utah politicians should be sold to the Chinese instead.

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