Pontoons 4-Sale

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I ve have two Copper River pontoon boats for sale. They are 7ft. boats suitable for lakes or mellow rivers...My son and I have taken then down the Yak with great ease and success. Includes oars and components for "top end" anchor system for each. $150.00 ea.

Email: jay@dpamain.com


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I pulled up to Jay_fish's Garage last night and as he opened the automatic door I was blinded by a flashing giant blue neon sign reading: "Pontoons 4 Sale! Gettem while they are hot!" At that moment I was possesed with the overwhelming urge to pull out a very reasonable wad of cash and hand it over. The Special even came with 21 flies all of which helped Jay land 35 fish on his last trip to Pass Lake. The blue light hypnotized me in such a way that I was forced to visit my friend and have him purchase the other Pontoon boat.

Thanks Jay and Ihatebaitchuckers!

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