Pattern Blue Boy/Steelhead Hydrid


Terry, when I researched patterns for a SRC article, I didn't come across a single light blue pattern and I went waaaaaaaaaay back. Purple was common but not blue. Sooooo... I've never tried a blue pattern. Les Johnson wrote the most current SRC book that included patterns and asked me to send him patterns that worked in these parts and I don't see any blue guys in his book. Guess I'll need to correct my errant ways :D

During the day, no one fished much for SRC very far upstream. Most fished the tide water areas and didn't bother heading up the rivers. That's how I started fishing for the critters in the early 80s -- we used canoes and prams below Scott Creek on the Alsea. I suspect the fellow who put you onto the pattern was using them in the tidal areas.

We actually figured out that you could catch the SRC far above the salt by mistake.

When the salmon runs were huge, we fished for chinook and coho in the skinny water near the town of Alsea. When we started catching SRC with salmon patterns, we decided that perhaps, we should target them. So we did. Once we figured it out, we didn't bother heading all the way down to the tidal waters.

Besides, you don't need to worry about the tide coming in or going out when you fish upstream.

Normally, you fish for SRC when the tide is coming in. One day, Rock and I decided to head down the Siletz with his canoe to fish for the SRC. He read the tide table decided the best time to hit the river. When we reached the launch spot, I told him the river level looked kind'a low. Undaunted, we launched the canoe and paddled upstream to the target area. Which, of course meant paddling upstream against the current.

It turns out, Rock had read the tide tables incorrectly and we had launched at low tide. This meant that later in the day, when we turned around and started paddling downstream, we had to paddle against the incoming tide. So we had to paddle against the current in both directions! It was a bitch! Plus, we didn't catch squat!

I think that was the last time we fished for SRC where the tide influenced the river level.

Anyway, I guess I'll tie up some light blue patterns to use for SRC.

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