I felt sorry for Ted--for a minute....


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I fished Big Meadow Lake today because it is close by and usually fishes quite well in late October. For the 1st hour I was shut out and really baffled as I couldn't catch anything on buggers, leeches, damsels or water boatmen. The lake is so weedy that a Type V line was just too fast and even an intermediate was sinking a little too fast to be comfortable. The big deep end of the lake produced nothing so I kicked over to the shallow REALLY weedy end and fished water that is about 4' deep. I finally hooked a small fish and as I stripped it in I said out loud-"Well, at least it's alive". That's when I remembered my roommate Ted from back in the 60's. Ted was a tall good looking kid with an engaging smile and a shock of blond hair that had Chick Magnet written all over him. Trouble was he just couldn't get laid. It didn't help that my other roommate and I had a steady stream of chicks prancing through the place in various stages of undress. All he could do was look, listen and weep. Ted was lamenting his plight one day and I ask him just what it was he was looking for in a broad that made it so difficult to hook up. What were the qualifications or parameters? His response was: "Warm and alive"

So I knew how he felt before I landed that first fish. For a minute. Then I decided to put on a dry line and fish over the weeds as fish were now taking what looked to be midge emergers everywhere. I tied on a Kimball's Emerger and caught a fish right away but at that point the wind came up and put and end to the hatch. So I changed over to a chironomid, set the indicator to about 3 1/2' and tossed it out into the wind. A few seconds later I was rewarded with a gorgeous 16"+ rainbow. For the next 2 hours I continued to catch fish on the same black sno cone cronny having one of my best days of chironomid fishing ever. Although I caught nothing bigger than the 16'' incher I caught so many 12-14'' fish that I lost track and just had a blast.

Much like in the spring the lake is just full of fish and many seem to hang out in the shallow end. I think the heavy weed growth is a deterrent to the trollers and gear guys and is helping to keep the lake fishing well. You can hit the good spots easily with a cronny and indicator but trolling anything would be pure hell. The lake has more weeds this year than I have ever seen. As usual, I was the only guy on the lake this time of year, quite a contrast to Bayley Lake which I fished on Friday.

Meadow is a nice lake in beautiful surroundings that seems to fish consistently well over the years. Dry fly action this early summer was outstanding. It probably deserves more attention from fly fishers than it gets, some much better known lakes don't fish as well.

My advice? If you can't make it up in the next 10 days give it a try in late May, I think you'll be pleased.



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I always lighten up after catching the first fish. Once I relax the fishing gets better. Same thing with getting laid...:cool:

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Sounds like a spring trip is in order. Good on the chronies - I know that it's not your favorite was to fish but when it works, it can be very hot.

I'll look forward to a spring trip over there.

Nice that you were able to get out.


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