Open Seat: Deschutes Fri-Sat


SolDucFeb_2013 016.JPG
I need to get out of town for a few days. Probably headed for Maupin to fish some private lakes Thursday and Sunday and might float the D Friday and Saturday. If anyone is interested let me know. If you have knowledge of the river that would be a bonus. Nothing is set in stone but that's what I'm leaning toward. Just me and my dog as of right now.


Inept Steelheader
Dang! I wish I could. Great looking setup there.

Good luck! Steelhead are in from Warm Springs to the Mouth. Should be pretty good weather too!


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
Damn I wish I could go...

If you're floating it for the first time you might want to consider a book on the river. Some of the rapids can be tricky to navigate even if you've done them before.

Have fun man...super jealous

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