Newer to the Sage TCX 7119-4 Switch Game

I am curious what you all are using on your Sage switch rods including reel and line. Also maybe an explination of why you are using what you are. I am newer into the switch game and not really sure what I should be testing out and trying.

That's a hard thing to answer. It first of all depends on what kind of fishing you'll be doing. Second it depends on your preference. I own the 6119 and 8119 tcx rods and love them to pieces. I mainly use a skagit short for everything from two-hand overhead casts in the salt, to swinging intermediate/floaters or bigger tips and bigger flies. That's just my preference. You may not like it that way, but it works for me. They are really the only two handed rods I use now.
I've used a txc 8119 a bit this summer. I've strapped on a couple different reels, a hardy bougle 4" and a sage 4210 and both balance the rod fine. I've thrown a 435 steelhead scandi with polyleaders for floating line work and both a 525 skagit max and 510 skagit switch for sinking tips. All lines cast well and I could see using all of them in different situations.
So I will be doing some fishing for rainbow, silvers, and steelhead. Mostly swinging flies.

Why is it that you mainly use the Skagit short, and not a longer Skagit? This is where im at, and don't want to rush out and tool myself up with all the wrong stuff. I have a Ross F1 that I am going to be using with the rod, but don't have the line on it yet. I wanted to get out a bit to practice before all the local rivers and lakes freeze over.


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Think about the switch chucker. If you have a dedicated spey rod, it can handle indicators very nicely as well. One boon I found it to have while swinging is having that tapered rear section to mend the line and get really technical with how I fish on the swing. I have the line paired with a z-axis 7wt switch and can cast outrageous indicator setups, as well as sinktips/ lead eyes no problem.

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