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Silvercreek can no longer access WFF. It's a glitch. The system must think he is a spammer. This has happened to someone else I know. Chris had to fix it. I have no idea where Chris is and have sent him PMs to contact Silvercreek but zippo. If someone other than Chris can help Sinkline with this problem, please send me a PM and I'll e-mail your e-mail address to him.

Silvercreek sent me this to post here because.... well... he can't.

I still can't get back on the WFF but I found a free kindle book that the WFF might be interested in, "Northwestern Outdoors is a basic guide to fishing, boating and survival in the great Northwest"

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I see this book is authored by Crash Davis. I seem to remember a Davis that wrote a lot of outdoor articles years ago before he died of a heart attack. I'm not sure if the articles were in the local Lynnwood/Seattle newspapers or if they were in F&H news.
Hey Gene, tell Silvercreek to hang in there and that I feel his pain: same thing happened to me last June. Thanks to zen leecher and Jerry Dadchofsky, I was "back on" in about two weeks. I did lose all my posting history, but that's not a big deal for me. Biggest pain in the ass was having to suddenly adjust to not being able to waste all the time I was with this bizarreness that is WFF...


Ron, I'll certainly pass that along. Sometimes, in an attempt to keep the spammers at bay, genuine members are caught in the programming crossfire.


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"It touches on everything from how to survive in an outdoor emergency..."

Well, I guess someone whose name is Crash would know something about that.

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