NFR Pigeon Doping?


When I saw this on the news, I couldn't even believe it. What's next, 5 yr old soccer games?

Breaking news! - Little Bobby, one of the forwards for the team 'It's Mine!', was caught taking an extra Flintstone vitamin in the team's minivan.

When questioned about it, he simply replied, "I found it on the floor. I didn't know it was a vitamin...I promise!" Sure Bobby, we believe you.

A racing pigeon just sold for $430,000. Seriously? A pigeon?


the sultan of swing
the money involved with betting on racing pigeons in europe involves multiply millions on some of the bigger races, they are into the pigeon raceing sport, when the common citizen can't hunt or fish the have to resort something to do for enjoyment.

Jim Darden

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Hey!...I think we are on to something here....let's talk to WDFW about doping our steelhead, to increase their fight! People would come from all over the world to catch a Washington Steelhead. It could be a big money maker for the state...I'm sure our local politicians would go for it!

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