Sockeye Shiner -- with stinger

Streamers tied with a short-shank stinger hook better than streamers tied on traditional long shanked streamer hooks. Lots of tiers make "Articulated" streamers with trailing stingers--including several of the best tiers who post regularly here. But most stinger hook streamers are used to make large flies. What I'm doing here is to make stinger hook streamers even in the smaller sizes. Stingers hook better than long shanked hooks. Regardless size.

This one is made with a swivel attached to a short hook, snelled on some backing. If you use two hooks (instead of a swivel up front) it helps to snip the bend off the front hook so you end up using the shank and eye only. That keeps the stinger from constantly tangling with a front hook that never hooks the fish's always the trailing stinger that gets them. Swivels are more better.

Any hook that looks good
Two badger hackles
A clump of Pearl Ice Dub
....all tied on a swivel.

Tie some backing to a swivel. Flatten the rear loop of the swivel with pliers. Snell a hook. Put a thin needle in the vise horizontally. Poke the needle into the rear end of the swivel. Lash the swivel onto the needle. Wrap over the flattened metal loop. Soak it with water based fabric cement. Add two feathers. Add a clump of Ice Dub. Glue on two prism eyes. I start gluing with CA glue and then finish up with a UV flashlight and UV glue.

This is a simple and good fishing catching fly. You can add barbells up front if you want more weight.
I put a thin beading needle into the vise horizontally. Attach swivel to hook with backing or mono. Flatten the rear loop on the swivel with needle nose. Jamb the needle into the rear end of the barrel swivel. Lash the swivel to the needle with thread. Tie on some stuff. Slide it off the needle. Glue the press on eyes with a dab of CA glue. Then finish up with thicker UV glue and an ultra violet LED flashlight.
Hm, does this offer some advantage over doing a tube fly?

Good question. Maybe it doesn't offer any advantage over tubes. I don't have tubes in my materials collection so they're a big advantage for me. I like to use stuff I always have.

Short shank stingers do hook the fish more reliably than long shank streamer hooks. That started out as a question for me and ended up a done deal. They just do. I have some vague ideas about why. But why doesn't really matter. Short shank stingers mean more hookups and fewer lost strikes. More than long shank hooks anyway.

Were do tube flies fall into that spectrum? I don't know. I've only made a few tube flies and never really liked them for some reason. But I know others do.

Even smaller. #16 hopper hook and no stinger arrangement. Too small for that. Lead wire on the back side of a curved shank hopper hook makes it flip over like a jig hook.

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