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Just moved down from Alaska, living in Southern Washington across the river from Portland. I consider myself an enthusiastic but incompetent fly fisherman. Can anyone advise on some places to fly fish locally? I have a float tube I've never used and I'd like to start using it. I've spent the last few years doing a lot more working than fishing and was hoping to change that. I'd prefer a degree of solitude so nobody sees my casting or gets impaled by an errant fly...

I guess I should mention I don't own a boat, happy to catch anything trout(ish).


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Although I'm a north-western Washington fly-flailer up here on the Kitsap Peninsula and don't have much knowledge of our SW areas, I wish you a warm welcome to the area and the WFF forum!

Lots of folks from all over that exist on this forum so I'm sure you'll get some good information/tips about your local waters.

Tight lines! :)
I live out on the Oregon coast around Astoria. I would recommend getting an Oregon license also, as long as it's not crazy expensive...I'm in the Coast Guard so I pay resident license fee because I'm stationed I Oregon, but I'm a Washington resident so I have that going for me too! best of both worlds.

anyway, there are some great rivers in within reach of the Portland Metro area, the Kalama (has fly fishing only section way upriver, pretty desolate up there) and Cowlitz are not too far from you. On the Oregon coast there's the Nehalem, Wilson, Trask and many many more which I won't mention on an internet forum. I mostly stick to the coast for winter steelhead, and the coast ranges in summer for trout exploration.

I don't venture over east of I-5 too much, but I know there are some excellent spots towards the cascades. There's a good fly shop in Woodland called the Anglers Workshop. They mostly have tying and rod building materials on hand. I know there are more fly shops in the Portland area, that'd be a good place to hang out and ask questions too. Of course I read a lot of books, like FF'ing guide to Washington/Oregon they are updated every couple of years.

Welcome to the great NW! :D

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