Enlightened finally joined the club...

After three years of flyfishing, Enlightened joined the "Double Digit club". Thursday she wiped a long standing skunk off. She hadn't caught a fish in about a dozen trips out. It went from frustration and desperation, to nearly depression and despair. Finally she put a fish in the net.
So on Saturday, when we left the house she was a little more optimistic. I got her boat in the water, knotted a fly I'd tied that morning on, and sent her out while I wadered up and put a fly on. I hear a whoop, and see Enlightened connected to a fish which throws her hook on the fourth jump. I get on the water, row out where I want to set up shop, and before I can make a cast she's hooked up again. I hear a squeal of pure glee, and then "get over here! you need to check this out!" When I get over there, I'm shocked to see a real montster when she lifts the net out of the water. After I snap a few pics, I tell her to keep it. My dad asked me to keep him a big one, and this qualified. It was her first fish to ever break the ten pound mark. She's had a few close, and the one on Thursday was probably close to eight if we'd weighed it. She ended the day with four fish to my one.
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