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Made a few changes to the dry version of Cal Bird's stonefly (here in salmonfly colors). Replaced the floss body with foam and the squirrel tail wing with elk hair, to improve floatation, and the fragile moose hair tails with paint brush bristles; supposed to have antennae out the front, which I forgot (and don't miss). The palmered body hackle is a variation on the original (tied in 2 sections along the midshank); just liked the way it looked.

hook - Tiemco 5212 #6
thread - UTC 140 orange
tails - paint brush bristles
body - 1mm foam orange
rib - tying thread tag end
body hackle - hackle brown (trimmed short)
wing - elk hair
hackle - brown

mash barb, attach thread at 75% mark and wrap back to point above barb (leave the tag end long)

tie in foam strip, apply a little Super Glue to the shank and bind down foam

take one wrap of foam and tie down; tie in tails

wrap foam forward, tie down and trim

trim hackle and tie in

palmer hackle in close turns to the hook bend; trap with thread tag end, wrap forward as rib, tie off and trim hackle end

clean and stack a clump of elk hair; measure for length (extend hook gap distance past bend)

tie in elk, trim butts and cover with thread

tie in front hackle and wrap forward; half hitch x2 and SHHAN

trim hackle flat on bottom, trim tails

Even with the foam body and elk wing, this one's going to be float challenged

Maybe a tube version?


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