Can you guys help me sell off some stuff?


I ain't as good as I once was....
I've been away for a bit but glad to be home and get caught up with everyone! Had a back and rotator surgery. So my fly days are not as plenty full anymore. I was wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction. I wanna sell off my new Hardy Angel 2. 4/5/6 wt with rio line on it along with a custom IMX 9ft 5wt custom I had built for me. 2) I have a loop opti speedrunner the blue edition. Spooled with backing and corresponding line used but great condition both reels with box and papers and finally the last I want to sell is...

I have a huge roll top tying/lawyers desk jammed Solid with tying materials and 2 higher end vises. I really don't want to split the stuff up but I can tell ya this.. You can probably tie most any fly out there with what's in my desk. I mostly tied salmon/steelhead flys. But also did a lot of traditional and salt flies too. Let's put it this way... I couldn't use all this stuff even if I could sit and tie or fly again. To give you an idea I have a dyna king ultimate indexter. A renzetti trav. Nor bobbins even a eck rich auto bobbin. I've got polar bear and junglecock. I've got pure silver spools. I have more hooks and beads you could ever use and drawers upon drawers of feathers. Oh and like 8 full capes of hackle.

I'm planning on itemizing this stuff but in reality I'd just like to post some pics and get it out there. Any ideas? Thanks guys


I ain't as good as I once was....
Well just got home and got over whelmed. It's gonna take a lot more then I thought to seperate and itemize. Here's what I'm dealing with....



I ain't as good as I once was....
I'm going to end this post please and start listing pictures in classifieds. Thank you.


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If you have that much stuff, you should probably try selling in categories with each its own thread. . Might be hard to sell all in 1 shot because you will need someone to drop a bunch of cash on things they might not want or already have, but only want some of the things.
I would categorize them like. All flash material. All Beads. All thread, All Hooks, ect.. 1 image each bunch and name it so people can tell you what bundle they want. A good picture with good lighting and in focus that shows the details of each item will save you time not having to type out the descriptions of every item.
Pricing. Find the cheapest online price and go half that at least depending on what it is and remember shipping cost money and packaging material. Paypal has fees also..