Thinking about a Fenwick

hey everyone, I am thinking of picking up an old FF857, primarily for a small stream winter steelhead rod here on the north Oregon Coast.

Would a 7wt be up to the task at hand, or should I wait to find an 8wt?

also what would be a good line to pair with this rod?

my only glass rod is currently a Lamiglas honey, 6'6" 3wt, and I love it, I use it all the time in the summer months for cutts in my local area. It has become my favorite small creeking set-up.

Thanks for the help and advice!
Have the rod and love it. Rio gold in matching wt has worked well for me as well as gpx tapers. I never have fished for steelhead in your area. But I would be comfortable using it for steelhead with a reel with good drag and heavy leaders. The rod has a very heavy butt. And its more comprable to a graphite 7 than a 6.
That's a great small stream steelie rod. I fished mine for about a year (it has since moved on to hopefully create another glass addict)...It has plenty of backbone for most fish that you'll encounter...don't be afraid to use that backbone (feel the cork bend!!!)

What will you be doing most, swinging or nymphing? I love the Ambush for swinging (the 7wt 265gr works great with that rod)...hate it for nymphing. For nymphing I love the Rio Pike/Musky, which coincidentally swings pretty well as well.
I'll probably use it for nymphing I'd imagine, although my technique sucks and I mostly always swing for steelhead. I ned to get better at the nymph. I bought the rod, 40 bucks with no sock or tube, but it's in really good shape. I have an old orvis mid arbor guide IV, with some 7wt salt water intermediate sink tip. Threw it on there on a local river just for casting it, and the rod is very nice. I was able to really boom it out there. I think with the right line set up it'll become one of my more frequently used rods. Thanks for all the advice!

David Loy

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Timely query on the ff 857. I picked one up on a lark (because it was very cheap) a couple years ago, just after buying a ff806. I had read good things about both rods. Loved the 806 (very versatile rod) but when I lawn cast the ff 857 using a 7wt DT and 7wt SA Steelhead taper lines I was not impressed. It was OK but not spectacular. (That's the segue.) I beach (and lake) fish some of the time with streamers and have been using a 697 XP and Rio Outbound Shorts (floating and intermediate tip). It's a rocket combination for sure but but lately I'm growing more interested in glass. Long story short, I dug through the closet and tried the ff 857 with the 240 grain OBS lines and it rocks. Throws within inches of the XP but has far more feel in the tip and butt while casting, and I imagine fighting average size fish will be more fun too. You might try it with the floating OBS and assorted poly tips. (Think Pflueger 1495 too. :))
I know this isn't exactly what you asked but the perspective might help.

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