2013 Montana Elk Hunt


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The wolves are mostly on the west side of there state and are having quite the impact on the elk and deer. There is always the occasional sighting and kill on other parts of the state.

Blue tongue and another disease have all but wiped out the deer and antelope.


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When's the elk roast and beer festival... remember, many of us have a 10 hour drive to get there on time, so please plan accordingly :D. Congratulations on the hunt!

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Now THAT'S an ELK!!! We only saw 3 cows for our whole season in our GMU, kinda wondering what's the point of hunting here at all sometimes. Very well done!!


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Thanks for the nice comments. I drew Area 410, which is a 0.90% chance to draw. One of the two hardest to draw. I hunted just north of Winnett on block management.