Your excuse for not fishing today?

3rd annual 3 day Grande Ronde float this weekend. But was cancelled Thursday due to anticipated blowout conditions that failed to materialize. :( So I fished the big river at Ringold on Friday and got tugged by 2 hatchery brats, they are on the smoker as I write this. That was a great way to break in my new spey rod. Tied some flies yesterday.... to use today, which was not as good a day, but did manage to land one smallish and dark hatchery buck. He is still out there. Oh wait, this was supposed to be excuses why I DIDN'T fish.... sorry. ;)
Sadly, I spent the day on the water. To make it appropriate for this thread... I caught nothing and only had one Cutt leap OVER my popper, aka "Popover"


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