Sky on Friday

Well my brother and I are hitting the Sky for a little casting! I call it casting cause that is normally what we set out for, a fish is just a bonus. If your out and about and see two crazy guys having fun, possibly one in a bright green hat, well it is us, so come on by and say HI!


Evan Virnoche

i may be out on friday with my centerpin and for sure floating saturday as long as the river isnt doo doo
Never heard of it:rolleyes:

Must be a new place ;)

It is funny lived here all my life except time away cause of the Coast Guard and the sky I have fished only a few times and that was when I was very very young. Spent more time on the Green, Puyallup, Stilly and Snoqualmie. Guess I am a deprived child

Evan Virnoche

when i was seamen i used to bass fish in the salt in san diego. What station were you at?
Naval Engineering Support Unit Alameda Ca, USCGC Midgett WHEC 726 Seattle, Small Boat Station Seattle, then to Station Calumet Harbor Chicago, back now to Washington; National Motorlife Boat School Standardization Team Ilwaco, but my home is in Graham.

I do inspections for the USCG and loving it. I get to travel more than ever, see places I have not seen and get to reunite with old friends. Going to start up in January actually going to LA/LB, Channell Island and Sta. San Diego back for one week than out for 4 weeks doing inspection. Not a whole lot of time off.


Be the guide...
Checked the flows on the sky today. Looked great and I happened to have an hour to burn. Hit my favorite salmon hole and hooked 3 but only landed 1. Remember to always check your hook after you land a fish - my hook was bent out and I lost 2 pigs because of it :(


Awesome, bright one you got there! I am a nut about checking leader and fly after a fish, touch bottom or a snag, bad cast and what ever thinks me to believe I have an issue. Lost a few cause I checked the leader and fly, but did not check my poly-leader! It broke two feet up from my leader attachment, my bust.

A long time ago, I lost one cause I did not check my connection from running line to head. Somewhere someone got a beautiful fish, new 450 Skagit short, 10' of t-11 and oh ya my secret fly! Thank god I had another head in my pack, new loop and back to fishing. It was more like scouting for a fly line swimming through the water so I could grab it, but never saw it again.

Thanks for the update


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