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So I have had mixed luck with flyers, but I have a feeling that it is the type of flyer that I have. I have the old school fixed wing all plastic version (the kind that begs you to shoot it when its a very slooooow day) and 'had' a mojo (decided to fly away someplace on the way out to the blind) either of which I can't say have been stellar. I'm looking at either a Knotty Duck or Assault Duck flyer, but am gun shy on the $140 price tag of the Knotty and skeptical of the Assault's urethane wings and pole setup. Has anyone used either or have a recommendation?

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I've used a couple of different string and wind driven spinning wind decoys. Early season birds are easy using either type, later season birds get wary and more difficult. The wind driven decoys are great if the wind is blowing enough to spin the wings but a really strong wind can cause issues and headaches.

For string driven decoys, I believe it is Knotty duck decoy that has the option of running the string out the front or the back of the decoy, that would be my preference due to being able to situate the decoy better in the wind.

The other issue, spin the wings just enough to "tweak" the birds that are looking at your decoys, don't just spin the wings constantly. And realize that your hand movement will spook the birds if you aren't careful to conceal yourself well.

As for cost, I think the decoys pay for themselves if you take care of them and learn to use them correctly. And the guys hunting near you with the spinners will draw birds from you if you aren't similarly equipped, believe it. My buddies and I put five wind spinners out one day and the poor guys on the other side of the fence got up early to just sit and watch our show. A few weeks later it was clear they had gone to Cabela's, they weren't going to repeat their error.