WTB old fly line

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wtb an old fly line -- dont care the weight or color or condition or anything. paypal please, only want to spend a few bucks as im poor and cant even afford health insurance. you can mail it in an envelope with a basic stamp too

if you have a spare one lying around id put it to good use

thanks guys, appreciate it


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If you're serious, I've got a few. 5-8wts that are decent and sorely neglected. Pls be a little more specific about rod weight (and floating vs sinking needs) and I'm sure I can help you out.
I've got an Allen 7wt. intermediate that I bought when they first started selling lines. Unused but dirt cheap. If that's something you can use PM me.

Jeff Dodd

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I have many that are from a donation to our fly club. Various weights and condition, very few below 7wt. All of them are old. If there is one you would like me to look for, let me know. I have thrown many away but still have some. I am chopping them up and playing with heads for spey rod use.

Most are odd numbers, 7, 9wt, etc.

They were donated by an emmy-award winning fly fisherman, so there is that haha

Jim Wallace

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I have a "grab bag" of heavier lines that was given to me. A friend was trying to figure out his spey setups, and finally found lines and rods that worked well together. He dumped the reject lines on me. I was thinking one of them would make a nice clothesline.
If you need it for something other than fly fishing, one of the unmarked (wt???) lines might be what you need.
If you need it for fishing, then an indication of what weight you'd prefer might get you something closer to what you need.
I can mail one to you, and you can send me back a couple of good flies to cover my shipping cost.
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