FS Sage rods, reels, a Regal, and a Filson strap vest

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fish'n glass
i'm selling off a few things so i can purchase other things:
  • Filson foul weather strap vest (otter green) oiled in excellent+ condition. $95 shipped (filson sells them for 230 bucks) SOLD
  • Marryat 7/8 CMR fly reel swiss-made, machined (anodized gold) in excellent condition, loaded with a brand new Teeny T200 fly line. $100 SOLD
  • Redington CT 5/6 reel (black) in excellent condition loaded with a used 5wt 444 floating line. $80 SOLD pending pmt
  • JW Young & Sons - Pridex 3 1/2 x 3/4 fly reel in good condition. tuned for RH retrieve. $70
  • JW Young & Sons 1525 fly reel (like the Sage 106M) loaded with a buckskin SA Ultra wf 6wt (maybe 5wt) floater. $50
  • SA System 1 456 fly reel in excellent condition. $35
  • SA Concept 79LA fly reel with an 8wt floating line. $30
  • SA Concept 58 reel with an old 5wt DT floater. $20
  • Regal Medallian "rotary" vise with traditional bronze pedestal and clamp. bronze base has water spots (from storage unit) that i haven't cleaned off. $100 with c-clamp alone or $135 with the bronze pedestal also (a new pedestal alone is 135 from regal). SOLD
  • Fenwick FL102-9 fly rod a yellow 8'6" fiberglass 2pc 9wt rod with fighting butt and fuji saltwater uplocking reelseat. very nice work. it comes in a non-original Fenwick HMG aluminum tube w/o cap. $85
  • Sage 590-4 SLT fly rod with correct factory rod bag and sage tube. in excellent condition. $250 SOLD
  • Sage 590-2 SP fly rod (3 1/4 oz. graphite iv) a classic dry fly rod with correct factory sage rod bag and tube. in excellent+ condition. $200 SOLD pending pmt
*(prices for filson vest and reels include shipping w/i the US. for the rods and vise, shipping just depends on where you live)
PM me for more details and i'll gladly email or text you pictures. thanks for looking guys!


fish'n glass
Sold the SA System 1 reel. Revenues just in time for a sweet Christmas gift for my wife (and for myself)!
This is quite a forum... had nothing but great interactions with great guys!
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