Need to find a home for this sweet dog

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Jerry Daschofsky

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We are currently fostering a dog that was in an abusive situation. She was not physically abused but was tied out in a shed for the past 7 monthes with minimal food and contact. Other then being thin it hasn't seemed to phase her emotionally.

She is a lab/collie mix, not spayed(as far as we can tell). She is a sweet girl, gets along with our dogs, but seems to like our male dog better then our female. Good with the kids, very playful, loves attention. She is approx: 2 years old, and other then being thin is in good physical condition. So far seems to be house broke, no accidents so far. Hasn't chewed up anything, we have left her alone and came back to our house intact, lol. Needs basic obedience, but seems to be picking up commands quickly. Would love to keep her, but our house cannot sustain 3 dogs. Here is a picture of Bailey(what we have been calling her).


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"...currently fostering a dog that was in an abusive situation."

Sounds like one of my ex-girlfriends.

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