More things that escaped the tying bench

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
2013-11-18 18.45.48.jpg

First one is my spin on the Greg Senyo Artifical Intellegence (A.I.). I changed the underwing as I wanted more support. I REALLY like this color (inspired by a comment from Anil) and yesterday I was playing with these again and I am amazed at how they just slither through the water.

2013-11-18 18.46.08.jpg

My interpretation of the Sol Duc spey, but in Chum colors. I do not tent the wings on the smaller patterns, I like the "flap" of the taller wing (more actions)...Chum Duc Spey? If all goes well I'll swing this on the West side this weekend (visiting relatives and picking up a trailer and rod).

2013-11-18 18.46.36.jpg

1.5 Alec Jackson hook for this Sol Duc Spey. I gave up using angora on the front half, it's to...I don't know. Not good anyway. Light tenting on the wing (four tips) and I really though this one turned out nice. Goes in the mail to someone today or tomorrow.

2013-11-18 18.47.38.jpg

Not sure what the hell this is, but I'll fish it. I have been playing with long materials and short cone head tubes. This is basically blue skunk and dyed, thin Ostrich. Should jiggle appropriately.

Anyway, I hope you find them interesting.